About Us

About Us

We’re A Non-Profit Charity

We are a network of community leaders working together to improve the lives of individuals and communities. Our members are devoted volunteers, donors, members of civil society, partners, and employees.

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Nearly all nations in the globe can interact with NGOs, donors, and businesses through Jamwal Foundation. We assist other NGOs in getting the resources, equipment, instruction, and support they require to aid their communities.

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Serving Humanity

The Measure of a Life is not its
Duration, but its Donation

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Jamwal Foundation is a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit organisation dedicated to serving humanity, particularly those who are impoverished and orphans, without any form of discrimination in order to improve their livelihood, housing, access to clean water, mosques, and other aspects of life as well as the welfare of its employees through resource mobilisation and development.


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