The victims of the flood disaster were more susceptible to numerous illnesses due to a variety of factors, including a lack of access to clean water, poor sanitation or drainage, unhealthy food, and overcrowding in the relief facilities. Disaster victims who frequently struggle to access medical facilities have a choice of receiving medical care through a mobile clinic.


Millions are experiencing a food shortage as a result of these terrible floods. Although many people want to give food to Pakistan’s flood victims, not everyone knows how to do it in the most effective and significant way. After all, it is not simple to obtain the proper food items for the affected individuals and then distribute them in the flood-affected areas.


With over 2 million homes damaged or destroyed, the combination of heavy rain, flooding, and landslides has caused the greatest loss of dwellings of any disaster this century. Over 7.96 million people have been displaced as a result, of which 598,000 are living in relief camps.