Legal AID
What Is Legal Consultancy

Attorneys are recruited by law offices as legal consultants to help with a specific case or legal issue. They frequently are authorities in a certain area of law, including real estate, commerce, or health care.

Family, Divorce & Custody Cases

Our child custody attorneys are knowledgeable in both child custody law and related fields like as psychology and mental health. This enables our solicitors to handle delicate matters skillfully while assuring comfort for the parties involved (often the biological parents).In Pakistan, child custody disputes decide where a kid will reside in the event that their parents divorce, pass away, or are otherwise unable to remain together.

Rent Cases

A tenant who is in possession of a structure or rented property may not be evicted from it in line with the terms of this section, regardless of whether the eviction is required by a decree issued before or after the start of this Ordinance.

Inheritance & Succession

In contrast to succession, which is the process of settling a deceased person’s estate and distributing the property to those who inherit after the debts are paid, inheritance laws are statutes and rules that specify how individuals receive assets from the estate of a deceased family member. These laws ensure that beneficiaries can acquire some form of inheritance in the event that a will was never written or doesn’t cover all of the deceased person’s assets.